About Ghost Host

Ghost Host aims to provide expertly crafted and experiential web hosting.

The Ghost Host team is made up of developers, designers, devops engineers, and cybersecurity practitioners. Our combined focuses bridge the best web experiences with security, performance, and privacy in mind.

Building a Better Web

Ghost Host is an Infinite Series Labs Product.

We create innovative software products and services that prioritize security, privacy, and user experience. We are dedicated to setting new standards for trust, reliability, and simplicity, ultimately fostering a safer and more accessible online environment for all.

World-class trust.
It can be hard to find trustworthy and quality brands these days. Trust and reliability are paramount.
Securing the Internet.
We exhaust every avenue to bring the highest level of security to all of our products online.
Transparent Pricing.
We are tired of seeing extortive pricing models. We will never prioritize profits over our customers.
Performance by default.
We want to help development teams do what they love most and ensure best-in-class performance.
Providing privacy for all.
Publicity should be a personal choice. We believe privacy should be the default.
Friendly user experiences.
We believe that good design is honest, understandable, & unobtrusive.
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Performance, privacy, & security come by default.

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Ghost Host is in beta. See the Roadmap